OceanMedallion with Princess® MedallionClass® inscribed on it.

Princess MedallionClass® FAQ

Our frequently asked questions about the Medallion® device and OceanReady® steps

The MedallionClass Experience

Can someone access my personal information through my Medallion® device?
No, your Medallion device doesn’t store any personal information, so no need to worry if you lose it.

Can I wear my Medallion device in the pool?
Yes, it's waterproof, and heat, sand and salt resistant.

Is there a way to wear my Medallion device other than the lanyard?
Absolutely. You can choose from a variety of accessories, such as sports bands, clips, pendants and bracelets. Order them for yourself and your travel party now through the OceanReady® section of the Princess® app or purchase them on board at the OceanFront™ area.

How can I arrange to have my Medallion shipped to my home?
In the OceanReady section of the Princess® app, tap "Medallion" and complete or confirm your shipping information at least 13 days before your Princess vacation begins.

Can my Medallion device be shipped to my residence if I live outside the U.S.?
At this time, home shipping is only available for residents of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. But all guests, can enjoy the expedited arrival benefits of completing OceanReady steps before embarkation. Medallion devices will be waiting at the port for guests living outside the U.S. or if one was not mailed to you.

I need to pick up my Medallion device at the port. Will that be a problem?
Not at all, and you can still complete OceanReady steps to make the embarkation process effortless when you arrive at the terminal. Follow the steps on the Princess® app to complete your travel checklist (without shipping to your home). And when you arrive at the terminal, just show your OceanReady QR code on your mobile device and look for the Blue Arrival Lane to enjoy easy, effortless boarding. Pro Tip: Take a screenshot of the OceanReady Pass on your phone to have it handy!

Is a Medallion wearable safe to use if I have a pacemaker, or other medical device?
The Medallion wearable includes magnets and RF technology that have been designed and manufactured to meet the radio frequency (RF) requirements set by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. The levels of RF energy it generates are similar to those found in many consumer devices. Manufacturers of Implantable Pacemaker and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators (ICDs) typically recommend that you keep your medical device 9 inches (23 cm) away from RF transmitters comparable to the one found inside the Medallion wearable. However, as every device differs, so you should check directly with the manufacturer of your medical device and physician for guidance.

How can I get help with my Medallion device on board?
Once on board MedallionClass ships, guests can visit OceanFront area and get assistance from one of our OceanNavigators. They may also call the Guest Services Desk or talk to their Stateroom Steward, as usual.

What happens if I lose my Medallion wearable?
If a guest notifies the crew of a lost Medallion device, it will be disabled and replaced at no cost. For security of purchase transactions, each Medallion device is associated with a guest profile that contains their onboard security photo. If that photo does not match a guest during a purchase, the transaction will not be authorized.

How does the Medallion device help with guest safety?
The new OceanSafety system accelerates and strengthens safety and security operations on board a MedallionClass ship. OceanSafety uses innovation to significantly improve the guest processing time and experience by removing friction from the process and allowing the ship and crew to operate more efficiently during embarkation, safety drills, port calls, disembarkation, and throughout the cruise.

Can someone hack the system and get personal info?
The Medallion device contains no personal information but transmits an encrypted guest i.d. to the Ocean guest experience platform. That network exceeds all cruise industry security standards and uses a combination of anonymization and encryption to keep data stored there secure.

Is there anything else I need to know about my Medallion wearable?
Just be sure to keep it with you at all times. In addition to unlocking a world of unique experiences, it also unlocks your stateroom door, and is used to make purchases on board.

OceanReady® Steps

What do I need to do within the Princess Cruises® App to get ready for my Princess cruise?
Download the Princess Cruises app to complete the OceanReady® steps before you sail. You'll want to complete the following steps to ensure access to the Green Lane in the terminal for faster check-in with less waiting:

  • Order and Customize your Medallion*
  • Personal Info & Travel Docs
  • MedallionPay™
  • Passage Contract & Acknowledgements**
  • Security & Profile Photos
  • Emergency Information

*Currently available of residents of US, Puerto Rico and Canada. Medallion devices will be available for pick up in the terminal, if one was not mailed to you.

**Acknowledgements apply to Australia & New Zealand departures only.

Guests who don't complete all the above steps in the Princess Cruises app will go through the Blue Lane for check-in.

Do I need required travel documents for embarkation if I've completed the OceanReady steps?
Yes! You must have your required travel documents (e.g. passport) available when checking in at the terminal.

Does the Princess Cruises® App work before my cruise?
There are several features that you can enjoy before your cruise such as getting OceanReady for expedited boarding and creating your own customized itinerary with My Journey which offers a look at shipboard activities happening on your voyage. Other MedallionClass experiences, like OceanNow®, require you to be on board.

Do I need to pay for MedallionNet® Wi-Fi to download the Princess Cruises app on board?
No, once on board you can download and use the Princess Cruises app and all digital experiences for free. But we suggest you download the app prior to boarding to enjoy seamless boarding with OceanReady.

What if I have trouble signing in or connecting to MedallionNet Wi-Fi?
Switch your mobile device to "Airplane Mode" in Settings. Turn on your Wi-Fi, and select "MedallionNet" as your Wi-Fi network. Then open a web browser and the page will launch. Click "get online now".

Is the app available in multiple languages?
Yes, the Princess Cruises app is currently available in English and Japanese.

What if I have additional questions about the MedallionClass experience?
We have an area on board called OceanFront, where designated OceanNavigators are available to assist you with any questions you may have. There will also be how-to videos on the stateroom TVs. If you have any questions prior to your sailing, you can call us at:

  • United States (toll free): 1-800-774-6237
  • United Kingdom: 0344 3388 663
  • Australia (toll free): 13 24 88
  • New Zealand (toll free): 0800 780 717
  • Australia and New Zealand guests (calling internationally): +61 2 8362 4400

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