5 Tips for the Best Anniversary Cruise

A couple embraces one another at the base of the Eiffel Tower.
A couple embraces one another at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Here are the top 5 cruise tips for the best anniversary, to make your anniversary special and memorable.

  1. Plan in Advance. Vacations are proven to make people happier. But did you know that the happiest vacationers are those who plan their trip far in advance? Indeed, anticipating a vacation can have as powerful an effect on happiness as the vacation itself! So, start planning your anniversary cruise vacation and look forward to months of gleeful anticipation together.
  2. Visit Somewhere New On a Cruise. Don’t go to the same places you always go. Experience the powerful rush of dopamine, excitement, and surprise by exploring a new destination, hand-in-hand. Or, find a new spot in a city you’ve long loved.
  3. Find a Game to Play. Studies show that couples who play games together often enjoy more communication and intimacy in their relationship. On a Princess cruise, there are dozens of games you can delight in, together. Bingo, trivia, blackjack, shuffleboard, pool volleyball…the possibilities for fun and romance are endless.
  4. Take Photos. Whether you book a professional photo shoot with our talented photographers, or simply snap selfies on your iPhone, find a way to capture the special moments on your anniversary cruise. Months and years later, you’ll flip through the images and smile as you remember the amazing times you shared.
  5. Make Some Time for “Balcony Moments.” One of the most unique and transcendent parts of being at sea is just outside your cabin door. No, it’s not the buffet. It’s the balcony. Together, you can sit atop the ocean, look for dolphins, watch the sunset, and breathe in fresh ocean air. Balconies are a gateway to bliss. Savor balcony moments together on your anniversary cruise.
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