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Princess® Cruise Credits

Dive into the different types that can show up in My Princess®

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What are cruise credits?

Think of Princess Cruise Credits like store credit that you can use on your Princess purchase.

There are different types of credits:

It helps to understand the differences between these, as you get them for different reasons and they can be used for different items.

Future Cruise Credits & Deposits

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About future cruise credit

It’s now easier than ever to use your Future Cruise Credit (FCC)! You can apply it toward your next cruise fare or contribute to a travel companion’s fare on your booking. Even better, you can also apply any such credit toward many other charges on your booking, including*:

  • Princess Vacation Protection1
  • Booking Flights with Princess2
  • Princess Transfers
  • Hotel Packages

Because FCC is like store credit, it can be subject to cancel fees like any other type of payment. For details, see Terms & Conditions below.

*A few FCCs appear as discounts, which can only be applied to cruise fare and not other components of your booking or those of your travel companions. If yours is one of them, you’ll see this in the Circle Savings section of your My Princess account. Check "Finding Future Cruise Credits and Deposits" below for details.

1For United States and Canadian residents only, excluding New York, British Columbia, Quebec and Puerto Rico.

2Available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand.

About future cruise deposit

You can purchase a Future Cruise Deposit (FCD) on board as part of our Future Cruise Deposit Program.

The Future Cruise Deposit is a reduced, fully refundable deposit of $100 per person that secures a booking until final payment and gives you up to $150 Onboard Credit!

You’ll have up to a year to book your cruise with your preferred Travel Advisor or Cruise Vacation Planner or directly through Princess. If you don’t book during that time, we’ll automatically refund the FCD to the credit card used to purchase the deposit.

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Screenshot of future cruise credits applied to a booking.

 Finding and using future cruise credits and deposits

Your Future Cruise Credit and Future Cruise Deposit will appear under your profile in My Princess® Circle Savings as a payment type. In some cases you may see a discount type. The difference? Discounts are slightly more restrictive and can only be used toward your cruise fare, not that of your travel companions or any add-ons.

Credits may take up to 60 days to show up in your account, and you’ll get a notification at that time. If you need to book a cruise and you are waiting for your Future Cruise Credit to be applied to your account, please call the Contact Center.

For those with FCCs in their account, they will automatically be applied upon booking to the owner's cruise fare amount. To apply more or if you prefer not to use your FCC, please call our Contact Center.

Onboard Credits

About onboard credit

You can use Onboard Credit to purchase products or services once you’re on the ship. This type of credit is also called "onboard spending money" and is typically part of promotional offers, such as our Limited Time Offers or our Future Cruise Deposit Program. You can apply Onboard Credit to:

  • Shore Excursions
  • Beverages
  • Items from The Shops of Princess
  • Services at the Lotus Spa®
Experience adventures like ziplining with your onboard credit
Screenshot of excursion reservations summary with onboard credit applied.

Redeeming onboard credit

Before you sail, your Onboard Credit can be used to purchase shore excursions online through Cruise Personalizer. When you check out, we’ll automatically apply your credit to the payment due unless you uncheck the "onboard credit applied" box on the "Reservation Summary" screen.

Once on board, you can use Onboard Credit on shore excursions, specialty dining, spa treatments, beverage packages and more. Purchases will be added to your stateroom folio and your Onboard Credit will be automatically applied before your credit card is charged at the end of your cruise.

Terms & Conditions

Future Cruise Credits (“FCC(s)”) may be awarded to guests for many reasons, including if their cruise is cancelled. Princess may sometimes also elect to award a good-will FCC, or bonus FCC. FCCs issued in lieu of refunds are refundable (“Refundable FCCs”); otherwise FCCs are not refundable (“Nonrefundable FCCs”). Guests understand that they have no right to obtain a Bonus FCC in any situation and such Bonus FCCs are good-will gestures only and have no cash value and cannot be returned or refunded. FCCs issued by Princess Cruises may only be used on a Princess Cruise booking. FCCs must be used before their stated expiration (book by and sail by) date.

FCCs may be applied as a form of payment towards your balance due and therefore, in accordance with our passenger contract, FCCs are subject to cancellation fees. If an FCC has been applied as a form of payment, Princess will first deduct any imposed cancellation fee from such FCC before assessing cancellation fees on other forms of payment. This means cancellation fees may be incurred by someone else on your booking who may or may not have applied FCCs of their own. Cancellation fees will be deducted from any used FCCs prior to being returned to the guest’s My Princess Account (if applicable). In the event any guest believes any cancellation fees have been applied in error, they should contact us.

In the event an FCC being returned to My Princess Account is expired, if the FCC is a Refundable FCC (in which case it will be labeled with a cash value), Princess will refund its remaining cash value to the associated Captain Circle Number (CCN). Nonrefundable FCCs (which are not labeled with a cash value) will expire with no refund. Cancellation of a Refundable FCC (cash value) will automatically cancel any bonus FCCs related to the original. In the event a Bonus FCC is used, portions of the related cash value FCC may become non-refundable also.

FCCs are non-transferrable but may be used to pay for others on the same booking. FCCs cannot be used for onboard expenses (including but not limited to shore excursions, crew incentives or other optional programs or services). While they can be used to pay for Flexible air add-ons, FCCs cannot be used within our Princess EZair® (not available in UK) or Plane Sailing (UK only) payment tools and therefore cannot cover the cost of restricted air even if booked in advance.

Guests may request a refund of the cash value (the refund amount forfeited by the guest in exchange for the Refundable FCC) of any unused Refundable FCC at any time. To make a refund request please e-mail our contact center. In no situation shall a guest be entitled to a refund greater than the refund amount retained by Princess Cruises. If a guest selects an FCC and then requests a refund as set forth herein, the guest will not be entitled to any other compensation/credit.

Future Cruise Discounts (FCCs with type discount) are non-refundable and non-transferable and can only be used against an individual guest’s cruise fare. They are not available to be used to offset the cost of any other booking component and cannot be used for satisfying the deposit. Future cruise discounts have no cash value and are non-refundable.

Future Cruise Deposits must be booked within one year from the date of purchase or the deposit amount will be refunded to the original form of payment. Future Cruise Deposits are fully refundable prior to final payment but after final payment are subject to cancellation fees in accordance with our published cancellation terms.

Amount of onboard credit varies by cruise length to which the deposit is applied. Cruises or cruise portion of cruisetours 3-6 days: $15pp for inside/oceanview and $25pp balcony/suite; 7-10 days: $25pp for inside/oceanview and $50pp balcony/suite; 11-16 Days: $75pp for inside/oceanview and $100pp balcony/suite; 17-44 Days: $125pp for inside/oceanview and $150pp balcony/suite.

Onboard Credit not applicable to the World Cruise and World Cruise Segment Voyages or non-world cruises 45+ days in length. Instead, these cruises receive a reduced deposit of 5% of cruise fare and a 3% discount off the cruise fare.

Onboard Credit is only per person for the person using the Future Cruise Deposit; it does not carry over to any other passengers in the stateroom. (Onboard credit is only applicable to guest 1 or 2 on a booking and is not applicable to upper berth guests).

Future Cruise Deposits cannot be added to a booking after the booking has been paid in full and may not be combinable with other promotional offers.

For UK Guests: Please note any FCCs issued for the cancellation of a cruise booking by Princess Cruises after 1 July 2021 are not covered by ABTA's scheme of financial protection, although any booking made using the FCC will be protected up to the amount of the refund due on the original booking. These FCCs can be used against any holiday that is on sale at the time of booking.

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