Glacier Bay national park

Glacier Bay National Park

Alaska’s crown jewel

With its roaring glaciers, rugged mountains and deep fjords, Glacier Bay National Park feels like a dream. With 3.3 million acres to explore, cruise to this world-renowned landmark — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — and let the landscapes inspire your next adventure. Princess Cruises is an authorized concessioner of Glacier Bay National Park. For more information on Glacier Bay National Park, visit the National Park Service website. To learn more about Alaska visit the Alaska Geographic website.

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Glacier & Wildlife Viewing

There’s a reason it’s called Glacier Bay National Park. Home to more than 1,000 glaciers, the park is alive with calving ice that rumbles and echoes across the water. Bask in the beauty of Alaska’s glaciers with Princess®.

Margerie Glacier

Once a part of the Grand Pacific Glacier, Margerie Glacier claimed independence in the 1990s and has become its own masterpiece. Now this 21-mile landmark is the most famous glacier in the park, with one of the most active glacial faces. Sail past its powder blue walls and revel in its enormity from the comfort of your ship – which turns 360 degrees - while at the glacier, so all guests have an opportunity to view it.

margerie glacier at glacier bay national park on alaska cruise
grand pacific glacier at glacier bay national park on alaska cruise

Grand Pacific Glacier

Long ago, the Grand Pacific Glacier once included the likes of Margerie Glacier and Johns Hopkins Glacier. Now the 2-mile-long glacier resides on its own, extending into both Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska and Grand Pacific Pass in Canada. Cloaked in black, it’s easy to mistake this landmark for a rock or land. Keep an eye out for this hidden treasure, and dive deeper into the history of this ever-evolving glacier with the help of park rangers.

Johns Hopkins Glacier

Named after the prominent Baltimore-based university, Johns Hopkins Glacier is just as prestigious as its academic counterpart. While its 12-mile-long terrain makes it one of the largest in the park, Johns Hopkins Glacier is most famous for being one of the few advancing glaciers that remain. Get a glimpse of the glacier as the ship sails past Johns Hopkins Inlet.

johns hopkins glacier at glacier bay national park on alaska cruise
humpback whale tail visible as it dives beneath the water at Glacier Bay National Park


Meet the many personalities of Glacier Bay National Park as you cruise through the natural habitats of Alaska’s wildlife. See humpback and killer whales break the ocean’s surface, welcoming you into the Great Land. Wave hello to the sea lions basking in the Alaska sun. Watch harbor seals float atop chunks of ice, and rejoice in the playfulness of sea otters as they float across the water on their backs. Glacier Bay wildlife is a spectacle in and of itself.

Preparing for Your Day in Glacier Bay

Make your Alaska cruise vacation even more spectacular with a few considerations before you set sail.

Meet Park rangers

Learn about Glacier Bay National Park from the people who know it best. While sailing through the park’s deep fjords, park rangers join you on board to share history and facts of the region and its wildlife. As a part of the Junior Ranger program, even kids can participate and earn their own junior ranger badge.

Alaska park ranger with two passengers at Glacier Bay National Park on an Alaska cruise
A couple viewing Glacier Bay on an Alaska cruise

What to wear & climate

With temperatures fluctuating between 30-60 degrees Fahrenheit, dress in layers to make sure you’re comfortable all day. Since it’s usually cooler on the water and near the glaciers, we recommend packing a warm coat, waterproof gear, a hat, gloves and supportive walking shoes. You may also want to bring extra memory cards for your camera so you can reminisce about all your adventures through Glacier Bay National Park with Princess. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring binoculars so you can admire the natural landmarks up close from the comfort of the ship.

Glacier Bay experience

Enjoy around 8-hours in Glacier Bay National Park cruising by spectacular scenery with one hour spent at the face of Margerie Glacier. Park rangers will provide commentary from the bridge, hold presentations in the Princess theater and wander the open decks so you may ask them questions. Many of the activities onboard will be suspended to ensure you get the most from this special experience.

Princess Cruises is an authorized concessioner of Glacier Bay National Park.

View of an old style mansion with trees.

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