5 Things to Bring Back from Your Australia Cruise

Bring your camera and capture Australia's natural beauty on a Princess Cruise.
Bring your camera and capture Australia's natural beauty on a Princess Cruise.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what to bring back from your Australia cruise for friends and family. When people hear the word "souvenir," they often think of T-shirts and key chains. But when travelers take cruises to Australia, they always want to come back with unique pieces of their experience to share with their loved ones — things that go beyond a postcard.

So, what souvenirs should you bring back from your Australian cruise that provides an authentic cultural experience? Check out these five gift ideas, and give your family and friends a taste of the country's traditions, lifestyle, and culture.

  1. Spread Some Vegemite
    Vegemite is a spiced brewer's yeast paste that contains vegetable additives. Many Australians love this iconic foodstuff on toast and crumpets, in sandwiches, and even to fill pastries. It's salty, rich in umami, malty, a tad bitter, and comparable to beef bouillon. If you want bring back a genuine Australian dining experience, place a container of Vegemite on the table at home and wait for the taste test to begin.
  2. Keep Them Fashionable in Akubra Hats
    An Akubra hat is a fantastic "made-in-Australia" gift. These Australian icons, made of felt and fur, have been a style staple for over 130 years. The name Akubra, which is said to originate from the Aboriginal word for "head covering," calls to mind Australia's rural outback and its gorgeous landscape. These are very popular gifts to bring home to friends or family — who might recognize it as the same hat worn by "Crocodile" Dundee.
  3. Treat Them to Tim Tams
    Made by Australian food company Arnott's, Tim Tams are two-layer chocolate malted biscuits with creamy chocolate filling that are coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate. Your family and friends will adore you for bringing home these decadent treats.
  4. Offer Healing with Authentic Australian Emu Oil
    This famous Aussie oil has been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal peoples, believing it to contain ingredients that protect the skin and body. Emu oil is derived from the fatty tissue of the emu, a flightless bird that resembles a small ostrich and is indigenous to Australia. People use it to help with joint pain, sciatica, inflammation, carpel tunnel syndrome, shin splints, and sore muscles.
  5. Keep Their Feet Warm and Dry With UGG Boots
    Iconic symbols of a relaxed, sporty Australian lifestyle, UGG boots are very popular gifts to take home for friends and family. Your family will love the warm, cozy feeling of these wool-lined, water-resistant leather boots with their molded EVA outsoles.

As you’re considering what to bring back from your Australia cruise, remember that it's not the gift alone that makes these souvenirs special: Your photos and stories are the things that will bring Australia — and all the meaningful Australia experiences you'll have there — to life and maybe inspire someone to make the journey there. Whatever you decide, make sure this vacation is the best one yet!


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