Guide's Choice Hike

Guide's Choice Hike

4 hours | Sitka | S I T - 4 8 0
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Exceptional Value

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Min. age: 12 years | Min. height: 48 inches | Min. weight: 90 lbs. (See special notes)


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Strenuous activity

Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

Sitka, Alaska, is an unparalleled paradise for hiking enthusiasts seeking a breathtaking blend of untamed wilderness and coastal beauty. Nestled against the majestic backdrop of the Tongass National Forest, the trails around Sitka promise an immersive experience in the heart of Alaska's pristine landscapes. A 30-minute motorcoach ride brings you to the trailhead of your three-hour, 6- to 10-mile hike, which will be at your guide's discretion. Each trail is sure to showcase the magnificent foliage, abundant wildlife and breathtaking views of the region. This tour is appropriate for physically fit guests who wish for a strenuous experience in the Alaska wilderness. Trails may include Indian River, Beaver Lake, Herring Cove, Blue Lake, Thimbleberry Lake, Medvejie Lake, Heart Lake, and Harbor Mountain. Please dress in layers and bring water and snacks to ensure an exhilarating day. Relax on the scenic drive back to port.

Special Notes:

Minimum age is 12 years, minimum height is 4" and minimum weight is 90 lbs. Trail surfaces include gravel, dirt, mud, stairs, inclines, water and rocky terrain. Tour is designed for the physically fit guest without heart conditions, back problems, current muscular injuries or anyone who had surgery within the last 6 months.