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Galveston, Texas

Named after Spain's Count of Gálvez, Galveston was the capital of the former Republic of Texas and originated many of the state's firsts, including the first telephone, post office and naval base. Today, this serene island resort city draws visitors to its charming historic districts, which highlight the area's celebrated Victorian architecture, from elaborate homes to ornate churches and other prominent structures.

Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston also offers niche boutiques, restaurants and entertainment that's suitable for the whole family. But it's Galveston's close proximity to Houston-a mere 45 miles-that makes it a prime gateway for exploring the largest Texas city's finest attractions.

Disembarkation tours in Galveston may be pre-reserved through your personalizer. Luggage is stowed on the transportation during your disembarkation tour. Disembarkation tours end only at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport; therefore passengers who have post-cruise packages at local hotels must disembark at the airport. Passengers will then be responsible for their transportation to the hotel.

Points of Interest

  • Space Center Houston
  • Strand Historical District
  • Hermann Park

More about Galveston, Texas Points of Interest

  • Space Center Houston -

    This incredible NASA attraction features interactive exhibits that offer a taste of life in outer space, from rocket simulations to zero gravity demonstrations, plus a tour of astronaut training facilities.

  • Strand Historical District -

    This charming area is the site of spectacular 19th- and 20th-century architecture, trendy shops and restaurants that make an excellent backdrop for the numerous festivals held here each year.

  • Hermann Park -

    A sprawling haven for nature lovers, Hermann Park is home to a golf course, a scenic railroad, two museums and over 4,500 exotic animals that live within the Houston Zoo!

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Strand Historical District, Houston Scenic Drive & Airport Transfer

4 hours | Galveston | GLS-100 G L S - 1 0 0

Wheelchair Accessible, Shopping Opportunities, Moderate Activity

From $104.95

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Space Center Houston & Airport Transfer

4.25 hours | Galveston | GLS-205 G L S - 2 0 5

Wheelchair Accessible, Shopping Opportunities, Moderate Activity

From $134.95

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