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Airlie Beach, Australia

Airlie Beach is your gateway to the Whitsunday Archipelago. These 74 islands feature pristine fringing reefs, calm, lagoon-like waters, and superb beaches. The archipelago is one of Australia's premier playgrounds.

The Whitsundays were once mountains. Rising seas at the end of the Ice Age formed the Whitsunday Passage between the islands and the mainland.

Points of Interest

  • Great Barrier Reef - Outer Reef
  • Whitsunday Island - Cruises
  • Australian Heritage Tallship
  • Proserpine River & Crocodile
  • Airlie Beach's picturesque Pioneer Bay
  • Whitsunday Gold Coffee Plantation
  • Snorkeling
  • Segway

More about Airlie Beach, Australia Points of Interest

  • Great Barrier Reef - Outer Reef -

    The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's stunning wonders. Half the size of Texas, it can be seen from outer space, and boasts 2,900 individual reefs, 600 continental islands and 300 coral keys.

  • Whitsunday Island - Cruises -

    The Whitsunday Passage is home to many pretty islands. Cruise past secluded beaches and coves, discovering magnificent marine life and corals, as you explore either Black Island or Hook Island.

  • Australian Heritage Tallship -

    The majestic Derwent Hunter, a 90-foot topsail schooner. Handcrafted in 1946 out of some of the best ship building timbers in the world, the eye-catching sailing vessel is renowned not just for its good looks but for its contribution to marine park research projects.

  • Proserpine River & Crocodile -

    The Proserpine River is a unique eco-system boasting wetlands and mangroves, which are home to many species of birds, mammals and over 150 estuarine crocodiles, known locally as 'salties'.

  • Airlie Beach's picturesque Pioneer Bay -

    See the best of Airlie from the water, multi-million dollar mansions, native wild life & even a ship wreck!

  • Whitsunday Gold Coffee Plantation -

    The coffee industry in the Whitsunday Islands flourished in the late 1880's and remains the number one drink. The Whitsunday Gold Coffee Plantation now farms 35 hectares of premium Arabica coffee.

  • Snorkeling -

    Put on your mask and get up close and personal with Northern Australia's diverse sea life, including giant graceful stingrays, familiar-looking orange and white clownfish and unusual sea cucumbers.

  • Segway -

    Sightseeing on two wheels is a fun and unique way to explore the beautiful beaches, dramatic coastline and incredible scenery of Whitsunday Island.

13 Excursions

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Best Of Airlie Beach: The Great Barrier Reef Experience

8 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-100 W S Y - 1 0 0

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From AUD$414.95

Average Guest Rating

Creek to Cape

5.5 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-120 W S Y - 1 2 0

Moderate Activity

From AUD$299.95

Average Guest Rating

Reef and Island Scenic flight

2 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-125 W S Y - 1 2 5

Moderate Activity

From AUD$394.95

Average Guest Rating

Scenic Sailing

7 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-155 W S Y - 1 5 5

Moderate Activity

From AUD$384.95

Average Guest Rating

Easy Airlie Beach

2 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-200 W S Y - 2 0 0

Moderate Activity

From AUD$39.95

Average Guest Rating

Proserpine River & Crocodile Cruise

7 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-240 W S Y - 2 4 0

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From AUD$239.95

Average Guest Rating

Jet Ski Safari

3.5 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-500 W S Y - 5 0 0

Strenuous Activity

From AUD$309.95

Average Guest Rating

Exhilarating Whitehaven Expedition

4.5 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-505 W S Y - 5 0 5

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From AUD$309.95

Average Guest Rating

Jet Boat - Bay Blast

0.75 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-510 W S Y - 5 1 0

Moderate Activity

From AUD$164.95

Average Guest Rating

Glass-bottom Boat

1.75 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-520 W S Y - 5 2 0

Moderate Activity

From AUD$154.95

Average Guest Rating

Airlie Beach Segway Adventure

1.75 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-570 W S Y - 5 7 0

Strenuous Activity

From AUD$144.95

Average Guest Rating


3.75 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-580 W S Y - 5 8 0

Strenuous Activity, Includes snack

From AUD$184.95

Average Guest Rating

Ocean Rafting Marine Safari

4 hours | Airlie Beach | WSY-740 W S Y - 7 4 0

Strenuous Activity, Includes meal

From AUD$309.95

Average Guest Rating